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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Over the holidays I've been wearing my hair only two ways: in a bun, or let loose. My hair bun isn't really anything fancy though, more of a quick fix sported by makciks like me at home :P The one thing that makes the hair bun indispensable, though, is the aftereffects. Sure, the hair bun keeps my long unruly hair off my face and neck - practical and comfy. But when I want to step out of my house, which is a rare and most often spontaneous feat (most likely brought on by the vitamin D deficiency from staying in too long) all I have to do is let the bun loose and say hello to the gorgeous curls and waves! Who doesn't love a great hairdo from so little effort? The hair bun I usually fix it in is a pin-free and prop-free variety. I basically twist my locks and tuck it in my own hair. Easy peasy. But it can hardly pass off for an elegant updo to wear for dinners and special occasions. No, that needs something a lot more classy and neat. This is where Supermodels-secrets come in for that fix.

Supermodel's Secrets certainly needs no introduction. They brought us so many items like Bump-its and Carmex, anything we need for that extra oomph. Sweet Michelle probably brought in this set with people like me in mind. She probably saw me and thought "Makcik buns? Tsk, poor thing. I need to find something to save this girl from her own hair! Hmm..." And the quest ended with this triple threat combo. LOL.

This combo comprises three items that are good even on its own - hair bun hair piece, magic bun maker, and the top grade braids. I'll start with my favourite - the magic bun maker!

When I saw it on supermodels secrets, a smile painted my face. I had that odd sense of finding something that was so familiar in your childhood, suddenly appear in your present. I can recall playing with something similar that my sister had 10 years before, (something i definitely was not supposed to do, but i guess that's the perils of sharing a room with your little sister) except the hole was tiny only to fit in the ponytail. I had no idea how to use it but I sure spent all the free time i had trying to figure it out. My prepubescent biceps got a good workout holding it above my head and twisting the wire round up and down and up again :P if only I could go back and show that little girl how easy it really was.

There's already a review on YSK with steps on how to use this, but I'll share the pictures anyway :)

Heart-shaped bun - you can shape the wire however you like!

So I don't know how huge you'd want the bun to be - a tiny knot bun or Carl's Jr-sized bun like the one i'm sporting in the pics :P but it's good to know that you can downsize them as you please. I didn't get the picture, but try this method:

1. Tie hair into high ponytail
2. Insert hair into the piece vertically
3. Lock it into place by twisting the two ends towards the inner end
4. Roll it inwards, holding the hair piece high above your head
5. Once you've reached the hair elastic, roll it again once to ensure a tight hold, and twist it round and under forming a tight coil
6. Tuck the end of the wire (if any) into the top and wedge it in. that should be enough to hold it in place.
7. Finish off with the hair piece
8. Wrap the hair braid twice at the base of the bun
9. Tuck the elastic of the hair braid in with a pair of bobby pins
10. Add a few cute hair pins with bows or flowers, or tie up the bun with a simple knot using grosgrain ribbon.
11. Thoughtfully tousle the with a nonchalant, faraway expression until someone notices how awesome your hair looks. Prepare yourself to bashfully bat away compliments with artificial modesty :P

steps 10 and 11 optional.

I prefer this method the most because it gives you a really cute messy bun, that effortless chic look that's so different from the more formal-looking bun. it's a more wearable everyday look that holds from when you do up your hair in the mornings until you're ready for bed ;) Personally, I find that adding bobby pins to secure it has never been a necessity. As long as you bend the wire in tightly, it should be unmovable.

The hair bun hair piece itself has an elastic inside which should help pull the bun together. I find that the elastic is very tight and it isn't too stretchable, which isn't really a problem even if you try to loop it over my Carl's Jr bun. It isn't too shiny which is probably what makes it look so natural. The curls are mighty cute! I'm not sure if you can use it in place of a hair elastic as I haven't successfully tried that, so if you're planning to just have it at the base of a simple ponytail be sure to tie it up with your elastic first!

One fairly new addition is the high quality braids. It's claimed to be thicker than the ones you can find in the market. I haven't been on the lookout for the braids myself, but I can tell you that it is thick and feels sturdy somehow. The size is 2.3cm in width compared to the usual at 1.5cm. I find that the elastic is thick too which makes it more durable. It's slightly shinier than the hair bun hair piece and my own hair, though, which makes me slightly reluctant to have it as the focal point of my hair (simply because it will make the rest of my hair look dull :P). But I love it looped twice on the hair bun! It's slightly loose if worn as a headband so have some pins on hand to avoid your hair falling off to the floor when you lean back in laughter (this is a voice of experience).

Closeup of the braid

Thickness and shine

Wear it on your forehead!

Worn as headband

The best part is I've done the "maybe she's born with it" test and it passed with flying colours while wearing all three. I've worn it out several times in broad daylight and instead of having people comment "Hey, did you know you have all that fake hair sitting on top of your head?" or "Whose hair did you bring back from the dead?", I get people touching it and asking how I did the updo and how I got my curls escaping from the bun so evenly. (One even asked what the occasion was and where I had it done, which as everyone knows is a huge compliment for us girls!)

Be sure to experiment the moment you tear hair combo out of the parcel (I'm assuming you'll buy this simply because you must) with different styles. Off to the side, low, really high, tendrils of hair escaping, neat and flawless - try them all. Use the braid as a headband, use it to wrap your bun, use it as part of your bun as you twist it down... Use the hair bun hair piece to tie a simple half-ponytail... You'll find your signature look soon ;)

Low bun with braid incorporated into the bun and the hair bun hair piece wrapped around the base of the bun.

They have different colour options for the items, so if you're unsure which colour which match yours best, do ask Michelle for her opinion. I'm sure she'll be happy to help :)

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