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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bag of Love Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable by Su

Tea parties. I have always always adored them.

Even a creepy-gloomy setting for the tea party in the Alice in Wonderland made me squeal in excitement. But of course, that could just be the Johnny Depp effect? Who wouldn't wanna eat at his table?

I have to admit, I used to have pretend tea parties at home where I'd bake and have everything set up so so prettily using our best China, spend about ten minutes photographing the setting and then (gracefully) plonk myself on the seat with a good historical romance novel in hand. The worst bit really isn't that I'm alone. It's that I do gobble up everything I serve myself! Oh shut up, I'm not sad. Readers are never loners. They just.. eat more than others do. LOL

Tea for one is not sad. IS NOT.
Having said that, just how fun would it be to have a tea party with 29 other girls while we unbox Bag of Love's newest treat?

I have to tell you, Bag of Love's debut bag was the best collection of items by far for what the price was. I've given a shot to 3 other sample box subscription before, and I have to say that I was so disappointed that I just gave them away for whenever anyone purchased anything from me. I kept two items out of the 3 boxes. And I'm always so relieved that I only did the one-off purchases. I did write the review for one of them in my old self-hosted site (which is now gone and explains the two-year gap in this blog) where I gave a thorough review and gave some constructive feedback.

Being a late adopter, I thought I'd wait out Bag of Love for the reviews. I was so jealous when I saw later on from the reviews I've read:
  1. It came with a full-sized and exclusive face blending brush worth RM98 from Definite.
  2. There was also the Revlon Professional Color Sublime Treatment which I have been considering since coloring my hair.
  3. Free movie pass (!!)
  4. Generally big sample sizes (the small sample sizes have always been a pet peeve - what's the point if I can only try it once or twice?)
  5. Comes in a bag which I can see myself using to sort my makeup and craft items. Pretty, too. Better than the boxes which I thought were hoard-able but not too environmentally friendly.
    Case in point - their April bag made of bleach-free canvas. You know you'll reuse this.
  6. Their customer service seems very, very promising. Case in point - the problem with the dented boxes which from the looks of the FB page I was following, was handled in a way that I've only seen in big international companies I purchase from. (eg Studio Calico, my fave online craft shop known for their great CS)
  7. Great branding.

You really should visit The Bag of Love's facebook page to see for yourself how approachable Mi Mi is.  Congratulations for hitting 1000 likes, Mi Mi!

And as for well-known and revered Delectable where the tea party will be hosted...

How can you say no when they can make THIS

Their tea set - maybe this is what's in store for us?? My stomach is growling already. I love tea sets!

Be sure to drop by. I promise you won't be disappointed by the eye candy. I myself am craving for the chocolate cookies. And I can imagine shamelessly delighting over everything served. My mom bakes and so do I, so I really appreciate any work of art made in the kitchen. I know it will be super super pretty on that day!

Okay, I have to go now. Gotta see what pretty things I own can be worn for an official tea party! I promise to be a much more presentable guest than the Mad Hatter. I'm thinking a nice white summer dress?

My go-to white maxi by Dorothy Perkins. Uber pretty.


The Butterfly Project Malaysia
Special thanks goes to the Butterfly Project for making this happen, you guys are amazing!

Bag of Love

Delectable by Su

P/S I just spent the last seven days giving the blog a major makeover and I'm so excited about it! What do you think? Any bugs that need to be fixed? Let me know in the comments below! ;D


  1. Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for the kind comment :)
    Hope you'll get invited too ^^

    (just fyi, ur comment on my blog is not visible now because i have removed the nuffnangx conversation)

    1. LOL I'm glad! I wasn't even sure how to use that thing. The native commenting platform seems better :)

    2. yeah me too prefer the conventional commenting platform...i hv no idea how the nuffnangx conversation crawled to my blog but luckily i found out how to remove it :)

  2. Hi Sabrina! I don't see anything embarrassing about your tea party, if anything it is the kind I would very much enjoy at the moment (or at my age, coz I'm "grown up" but not old you know lol) It's actually a different feeling, one is time with friends and one is time with self :)

    Btw, I like your new blog makeover, so elegant :)

    1. Farisha how late is this reply T_T The tea party turned out well, didn't it?

      Thanks! I'm always redesigning my blogs and websites but I think this time I'll stick to this for some time:)

  3. Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following.. Btw, I followed back!

    See ya on Saturday dearie! =)

    P.S: Lovin' your blog makeover. Really captures the essence of your blog and your personality, xo

  4. hi Sabrina, thanks for dropping by my blog. the dress looks pretty and elegant! oh dear I'm still thinking of what to wear :P


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