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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bun Bun Turns Two!

What Bun Bun I hear you say. Bun Bun is Juli's online alter ego!

Pic credit to Bun Bun Makeup Tips
I hope you know who Juli is. She's a Singaporean beauty blogger, and one of my favorites. I almost can't believe she's only two years (and two months) in the blogosphere, because she's really been making waves.

If you're Asian like me OR you have an Asian's stereotypical crease and eyelids, she's like your go-to for the Asian Eye 101. Seriously. Because if you've been following Caucasian beauty gurus and even following their tutorials step by freaking step and just resulting in a mess while they come out looking so put together and flawless every.single.time, you need to read my favorite posts from Juli.

The posts are so well-researched and informative and will change how you apply eye makeup entirely. Honestly there was a point when I gave up trying to "define my crease with blah blah this and that" til I came across her posts. To illustrate - she even made a mind map for one of the posts.

Pic credit to Bun Bun Makeup Tips
Even if you're not Asian or you have the stereotypical Caucasian eye, there's still a myriad of impartial reviews rated with the bun-o-meter (some of the more local products are really helpful!). I'll link up some of my favorite posts below.

Even if her posts are too lengthy for your browsing time, just skim through the key points and keep in mind the take-home message of where YOUR fold and crease and contour area are so you can flatter your own natural beauty. Oh man, I sound so cheesy. But you'll so thank me later.

By the way, in celebration of the blog birthday, she's also throwing a giveaway so if you're going to discover her for the first time, it's the perfect timing! She's also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

P/S Also try to find the video of her on the game show. Super cute.

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