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Monday, April 29, 2013

Kenny Rogers Roasters Cheezy Rice Treasure

Cheese is my kryptonite. Honestly, there has been times in the past as I shove spoonful after spoonful of cheese-laden pasta into my mouth that I wondered if perhaps I was a borderline cheese addict? Borderline at least. More likely so far past the line that the line is a dot to me (Friends reference, anyone?)

So when Kenny Rogers Roasters came up with the limited edition Cheezy Rice Treasure, I couldn't say no. There's two flavors: Seafood Royale and the Beef Supreme. There's basically seafood or beef with rice, brocolli and mozzarella baked in a dish.

Set Price: RM18.50 (RM21.30)
Ala Carte: RM13.50 (RM15.50)

(I added the prices after the government (5%) and service (10%) taxes.)

I asked the waitress what seafood to expect for the Seafood Cheezy Rice Treasure, and she said crab stick. Apparently it was supposed to come with something else, I can't remember what it was now, but she said they're out of it so it's just the crab stick.

Um. Crab stick ≠ Crab

So, off to a disappointing start. No seafood for me. I ordered the beef option instead.

I can't recall how long the wait was, but his food arrived faster than mine (of course).

Kenny Rogers Roaster Quarter Meal Set
Stranger to no one. Roasted black pepper chicken with 3 side dishes and a muffin. The sides ordered were Fresh Fruit Salad (not pictured), Garden Pasta Salad and the Mashed Potato & Gravy. I had some of this while waiting for my order and okay, while I was eating my meal and after finishing my meal too. Everything else was standard but for some reason the mashed potato smelled like cat biscuits that day. Can't say it tasted like cat biscuits, have no basis for comparison. LOL

Kenny Rogers Roasters Cheezy Rice Treasure in Beef Supreme

Finally. Okay, comments. If you're expecting broccoli ala Tony Romas, adjust your expectations. But the beef portion actually tasted really good - although I have to say the amount was way too small to complement the rice! I feel like they should have added parmesan and cheddar to sharpen the cheese topping, but still surprised at the amount of cheese anyhow considering it's KRR and KRR wants you to eat healthy. Even though the cheese taste was flat, I think the beef sauce would've really made up for it had the rice to gravy proportion be better. The rice was not bad, not dry but I can't help but compare it to Swensen's baked rice.

I also have some concerns about the service. The waitress and waiter that served me were very pleasant, but I couldn't help but notice that the table next to ours weren't served quite as nicely. An example, when the customer was placing his order, the waiter testily snapped, "One by one!" The orders weren't that overwhelming and not even overlapped, and his tone was just rude. He was even walking around rudely, if that's possible? He didn't bother to hide his irritation with whatever it was that bothered him. If there was no service tax, I wouldn't have tipped him 10% for that. It was uncomfortable to listen to.

Would I have it again? No. I don't think the meal was worth ~RM20, especially for the seafood version. Crab stick and broccoli baked rice for RM15.50? You're better off baking yourself at home. But like I said, the beef was good so props to that, just wish it was enough for the rice.

As long as any restaurant adds a new cheese item in their menu, I'll be there for the test run. I need my daily dose. By the way, did you know that cheese contains trace amounts of morphine? It's also laden in casein, a protein that breaks down into casomorphins, giving you extra kicks of opiate effects - the science behind my dairy crack addiction.

He feeds me cheese for my dairy crack addiction. He's awesome.

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