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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Havaianas Malaysia: Because it's always flip-flop weather

Being in Malaysia, we don't enjoy the novelty of the first day of flip-flop weather - there's just no end and beginning to it, living summer year-round! I suppose because of that, I tend to take it for granted. (Statement made a tad grumpily as I type under the heat wave despite being safely ensconced in an air-conditioned room. Malaysia is HOT!) 

Case in point: I have no pair of Havaianas flip-flops tucked away for me to finally slip into once the weather permits. In fact, I have no flip-flops, period. Really all I wear every single day is my pink mary janes from Clarks. No matter what the style or color of my outfit, yes I'm an unfashionable dork like that.
Those shoes are worn so often it feels odd to watch me wriggle my toes right now not covered in pink. Haha! The only exceptions are the rare occasions I wear dresses and it looks too ridiculous for words that people can't let me leave the house without putting on heels. Don't let the pictures on the blog fool you, I was only wearing heels because the dress looked a bit too gothic victorian to pair with cheerful pink mary janes.

I've even gone on beach vacations without any flip-flops. Just me and my bare feet. 

How barbaric, you say? I prefer to think of it as being one with nature (and not being able to decide on a pair to buy). LOL! Yes, this is what a normal vacation should look like:

To be honest, I've never felt like I'm missing out on anything... until I think of getting a pedicure! I'd want to show off those pretties! And do you know what a disaster it is for fresh pedicures to be tucked into close-toed shoes?? Look how happy I was at my last pedicure party, before slipping into my borrowed flip-flops of unknown identity. Thought bubble: I wonder why I don't have my own flip-flop to wear to pedi parties? Haha.

I'm sure Havaianas won't let me demonstrate that slipperless disaster ;) Instead, imagine all the girls at the spa party decked out in white flip-flops for their pedicures! 

The brand needs no introduction. They have a reputation for being the most comfortable rubber flip-flops in the market. I couldn't tell you a week before if it's true, but having gone to the store to try it myself, I can confirm it! 

They make flip-flops for the entire family, too. How cute is that? You should see all the teensy-weensy toddler flippity flops! 

Another reason I've always stuck to the bare minimum with shoes is I just don't have the luxury of storage space, but these babies present no problem - that tiny basket holds an entire household's flip-flops!

And I can make no excuses for finding the right shade - they literally present themselves in a rainbow. Agh, this just pains my indecisive self!

They've really made it so that there's something for everyone, haven't they? I wanna show you some of my fave finds! 

For DC Comics fans
For fans of The Muppets 
For the toddlers
For the babies

And, ahem, for me

Have you tried them yet? Find Havaianas Malaysia at h Stores: 4th Floor Pavilion KL, 3rd Floor Suria KLCC, 14 Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru; TriBeCa, Bangsar Village II; M Women - The Gardens at Mid Valley City; Isetan 1 Utama; Zalora Malaysia and P/S Flopstore Malaysia promises a website makeover by next week, coupled with more products at great discounts.

P/S If anyone knows where else to find them here, do let me know so I can add to the list. Sharing is caring ;)

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