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Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Tea Time Treats at Delectable Treats by Su

As promised, here's part 2 of 3 of my review on the Bag of Love unzipping tea party at Delectable Treats by Su!

Part 2: Tea Time Treats and Dessert at Delectable Treats by Su

I love love love this sign! I bit off some, but there's still some left for all of you. LOL

I should make a disclaimer here to kick it off: this is a very picture-heavy post, and it has the potential to make you equally heavy too for that matter. So if you're fasting, cutting back, or on a fad diet.. um just try your best to Keep Calm and Diet On? LOL

Delectable was actually meant to sponsor just the Tea Time Set, but with the excitement going around the blogosphere and most people featuring pictures of sinful dessert tables, they ended up preparing a special dessert table for us too! Hooray!

Can you believe no one ate this cake? From either session! I thought it was for display only, haha.

Specially designed for the collaborators ;)

The pretty decor

By the way, you can also get your gourmet licks from The Potong artisan pops at RM5 each here. If you're new to them, take a look at The Potong's facebook page for a formal introduction. 

We each got to take home this huge lollipop! I missed out in all the excitement and surprises though (well as if you'd need a review on a giant lollipop - you only need to know that it's cute and makes a great photo prop)


This poster from Delectable is a nice visual to sum up the details

Some background information: The Delectable Tea Time Treats used to be available only from Fridays to Sundays, but because the reception has been so positive, it's now here every single day!

Tea for four

This portion that you can see from this tea party is doubled to accommodate four of us at each table - you can see the promotional picture for what you'll be paying for. I felt like the portion was too big though. Was it just me? Even having skipped breakfast and lunch, I couldn't finish one each of the tea spread. I was so full after eating a macaron and a slice of cake, so okay maybe it was just me. Then again, I'm not a cake person so that may be why. Either way, if this sounds familiar to you, I think you could get away with sharing the tea set with more people or just take the rest away?

Spicy Sausage Puff
This was the unlikely winner for me. You don't really think savory sausages for tea time, but it was delicious and complements the others well. Love the sausage!

Chocolate Macaron
I liked these too! It was the first thing I tried, and the taste was just right. And I'm very picky with macarons, I really only eat the ones I make myself. While the sweetness was still there, it didn't overpower the flavor. And the flavor? Smooth chocolate ganache of the right consistency, and with some sea salt I'm guessing? The salty tang is wonderful! One thing though, while the crust was nice and smooth, it was a bit thick and dry so I didn't have the ideal bite-through. If there's one easy thing I'd suggest for improvement, it's for more filling for that perfect ratio. So sayang to make the macaron skimpy when the filling is soo good! I think you can see what I mean about the filling amount from the picture. Despite all that, still better than the others I've tried :)

Roasted Cashews
I sampled some of this, and may I just point out how cute the presentation is? I'm a huge nut fan, (that's what she said!) but the general response towards this was that it was too sweet. I do agree but perhaps it was just a stacked effect with all the other sweet stuff we were having. If you're a nut fan like me, you can bite some off and eat them with your cakes :)

Carrot Cake 
These were a bit dry. On the plus side, the frosting was just right for the cake. Definitely spread the dollop evenly so you have it with every bite, because the cake doesn't stand as well on its own. I appreciate that it didn't have raisins because I'm really not a fan of raisins in carrot cakes. Or raisins in anything, really. Plus, this also meant that the cake wasn't too sweet.

Moist Chocolate Cake
I'm not a fan of these, which isn't a surprise since I'm the fussiest chocolate-anything ever. Cakes especially! Anyone who knows me personally would know I can never, ever satisfy my chocolate cake/brownies craving unless I make them myself. (Does anyone have recommendations for a place with good chocolate cake? I'm still looking for a good one.) Reiko - that leggy model in the previous post - did like it though!

Delectable Cookies
I'm not sure exactly what cookies they were, but amazing! They were dry cookies, but in a fantastic way. These cookies are not easy to find, so be sure to sample a few when you go over there. And don't forget the tea, you'll need it. Worth a try along with the macarons :)

Cherry Almond Cake
This is unlike the cherry almond cakes that I make. They're made for individual serving, so pretty to look at. I know that Lina's a fan. While they were generous with the cherries, I felt this was dry too and quite bland. Now that I think about it, they might all be dry because they've been out while patiently waiting for us? That could explain why the cakes were all dry. What I'd love to add to this: a thick layer of almond glaze and a scattering of toasted flaked almonds on top. That would be delicious!

The Tea
As for the tea, they use TWG's English Breakfast Black Tea. If I'm not wrong, you can find TWG Tea at Pavilion. I know that the tea is expensive, I guess RM20-50+ per teapot - and they're not refillable. That makes for a lot of bang for your buck with this tea set. Personally, I thought the tea was just okay. Perhaps it's the steeping time? Because we refilled a lot and I noticed the refills were a lot more dilute in color vs the first pot. In any case, the tea wasn't sweet so it was a great accompaniment to the rest of the spread. The proof is in the number of teapots we went through! 

You can find TWG on their website or facebook :)

The Collectible Limited Edition Fabric Button Badges
Remember I told you about their surprise? I was given 5 of these! The good news is you can get this for free just for prebooking! Give them a call, leave your name and contact details, and redeem it once you arrive :) You should book anyway on weekends because they might be full for walk-ins. 

If you're planning on going, remember the more the merrier! You get to save RM2 for the tea for two set instead of the serving for one person. Plus, it's so fun to have tea and share gossip and giggles over cakes with friends!

Although I really admire the person who can go for tea time and eat alone - eating alone in public is gutsy. I should know, with my lone and private tea time. LOL.

And don't forget to collect the cute fabric badges! That means going there for tea with your friends everyday for a week to beat my collection.

Are you up for the challenge?

It's as easy as om nom nom.

With Tammy, who basically fed us til we're fat while she refused to eat because she lost a lot of weight already (yay Tammy!)

Remember, this is only available at Delectable Treats in Paradigm Mall and not the others.
Call: 03-78875157 for bookings
 LG-72 (next to Tesco), Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya
(below is map to Paradigm Mall)

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    1. Thanks Peggy! Some of these were actually raw photos taken from the Butterfly Project which I edited :))

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  5. Omg always love your write up and photos! I love the spicy sausage puff and macaroons too :D

    1. Haha thank you! Those are really nice, aren't they? The best macarons I've tasted from a shop before :) And the spicy sausage is so spicy and different!

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    1. Thanks so much Cindy!! Yeah I'm such a fat kid with dessert fetish. Well any food in general, really. Haha! And I like to bake, I guess that helps.

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