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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Bag of Love unzipping party at Delectable Treats

Remember when I talked about the Bag of Love Unboxing party at Delectable Treats? Pardon me, allow me to correct myself - I meant unzipping. Far be it from me to offend Mi Mi by likening the bag to other beauty boxes out there. The fact that it's in a bag instead of a big rigid box is one of my favourite things about it afterall :D

I'm going to break the reviews down into 3 parts just because it would be impossibly long-winded otherwise, but I really do want to cover every inch of what you should know. So here's PART 1: The unzipping event.

Fifteen bloggers were invited to the unzipping party organized by The Butterfly Project Malaysia in collaboration with Bag of Love and Delectable Treats by Su. I went to the second session just so I'd be deliriously ravenous for food and go on a majorly aggressive food rampage. MUST. EAT! Haha. Can you just imagine all the people running screaming from me and tossing their scones and muffins behind their back to get rid of me?

The event purportedly starts at 2, but you know what it's like with 15 people wielding about their big cameras, taking about a zillion shots and covering every surface of the entire place (because we love you and want you to get the full experience, okay! We're so rajin.) So the actual thing started much later.

Food p0rn.

After all the crazy tonggeng photo-and-video taking, dessert-drooling... everyone's been introduced to each other - ice broken, and any shyness rid of, we all took a seat for dear Tammy to officiate the event.

A round of applause for Tammy please for making her second officiating speech of the day! (no photos of Tammy herself as I was too near to take pics!)

Listening to the professional speak

I do want to share some of what she said. Tammy is basically the backbone of the entire community, coordinating all these and doing it all while juggling two other full-time jobs (!!), not to mention doing this just on a voluntary basis. I feel like the major driving force behind all the time and effort she puts into this is her passion and heart. Really, to be committing to this with a lot more already on your plate, that's really admirable isn't it? And here's a fun snippet: a lot of other beauty subscription boxes have approached her for a collaboration before and she's refused all of them. But she decided to support Mi Mi & Bag of Love because she could sense the shared passion. Isn't that sweet? It's true, too. She's really passionate and lives and breathe beauty. I'll do a background write-up on the Bag of Love's pretty founder soon for some inspiration to all of you.

Next, Mi Mi gave her welcoming speech. It was so easy to like her. She related how she started and the concept behind Bag of Love, and then assured us that she's not demanding a positive review, only an honest one. It's always great to hear this because whenever I'm told please only convey the things I like and keep the negative comments from the blog, it's a deal-breaker for me. One of the important components between my readers & I is trust, and that they can trust my credibility. I'm not about to shout out perfect A's when that's not what I feel. She also shared with us that some of the shipments of the April bag leaked and sought out advice on reshipment. Remember when I told you about the customer service rivaling my favorite store, SC? This is another display of it. She was very apologetic and regretful, and she sent out another bag to replace theirs that had the leak.

The owner of Delectable Treats, the infamous Su, wasn't present for the event because she's pregnant. I would have liked a speech from her as well, yet another talented home-grown lady.

With the speeches concluded, the bags were passed around (yay!)

One end with 6 of the girls with April's bag of love

The other end with 9 girls! Too many of us for a single group photo

With the countdown marking our collective unzipping, you could hear audible gasps around the table. Not to mention the multitude of facial expressions, ha!

(Okay okay, I cheated. I unzipped mine first - consider it a demo lah LOL)

My first impression expression


My first impression? Another full-sized Definite brush, are you kidding me? I wrote about how I was sad to miss the debut bag that had a full-sized & exclusive brush by Definite cosmetics. No stupid sachets, phew. And my eyes positively sparkled when I saw The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist. Those two are definitely the star items for April. My full review is coming soon, do check back for it.

I'm happy to report that the collaborators were very generous and I got extra surprises from each! Mi Mi will be sending me May's Bag of Love

Hooray, you get a review on that too! 

And Delectable had a really cute surprise too:

5 of the collectable badges from booking the Tea Set!

We now have a massive badge collection just from one trip to Delectable Treats. 

After that it was om nom nom & chit chat fest. I regret that I didn't move around more, I didn't really get to know the butterflies on the other end of the table. (Macam la jauh for me to migrate right? -_-) Next time, I promise! You girls are too fun to miss out on. By the way, I chitchat with vlogger Farisha (from the Other Side) cos she happened to migrate over, LOL. Man do I love dramatizing things. I really didn't notice that I didn't move around much til it was over. She made a great video by the way, support her on YouTube!

Also pictured here is Farisha's mom :) Hi Aunty!

Of course I had to take a picture with her, she's a model. Way to depress myself kan haha. So tall!

Lina & I posing with the very nearly empty dessert table

Flanking it, barely any left (thanks for the photos, Li Chuen!)

When it was all over - mad rush to tapau everything home. Haha can't you sense the energy in this pic?

I was so happy when it ended; I called Afzal to see what he was doing and he said he's in front of Tesco.  "In front of where you were posing for pictures." LOL. He's been silently waiting for me for an hour to surprise me! He's sweet that way. Double yay, because he's my favorite photographer

Yet another pic with Lina. Banyak but I had to take advantage of the professional photographer :P By the way, Lina and I have a lot in common hence the bond. Crybabies unite!! Hahaha

Obligatory pictures with the arrival of my photographer ;D
And one of myself with the photographer. Thanks Tammy!

Delectable made custom cupcakes! A heart for Mi Mi and a butterfly for Tammy

Do show them some love!


The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Bag of Love

Delectable by Su

P/S Don't forget, this is only write-up 1 of 3. I'll tell you more about April's Bag of Love and the food at Delectable Treats by Su soon. ;)

Yesterday was National Scrapbook Day! Possibly my favorite day of the year, with all the crafts galore. Here's what I made the day of the tea party for my cousin's wedding! I recently hauled bottles of mists and used them all on the card. I adore the shimmer mist!


  1. OH MAI GOD... this is just part 1? and it's already a fairy tale story with a happy ending. I can't express how much love I can feel from your blog about the party. I am so happy that you enjoyed it, event if you didn't migrate from one table to another like a butterfly. This post is just so's making me feel so.. (cannot reach your level of pro-ness).

    I'm also touched that you know I'm juggling work, blogging & this projects and it's all because of .. yes you're right passion. I believe passion will drive us NUTS.. haha... but we reap happiness from it.

    I am happy seeing you are happy, and that is enough for me.

    I am also very grateful that you took the time to carefully introduce the party here (dammit.. let me copy okie? hahah) and to list down the parties that made it happened.

    I can't wait for part 2 and 3. I don't know how you're going to talk more!!!! when this part 1 is already... such an impact.

    1. I'm the female JRR Tolkein, just with more photos. Haha. I'm glad my excitement came across! (You're way past my level of pro-ness)

      I do believe when you work hard and put your heart into it, the outcome is like the ultimate satisfaction. So remember that. You're on the right track ;)

      Copy everything you want! LOL. I just posted the second part :D

      Thanks Tammy!!

  2. Awesome write up dear! We shall meet up and talk more in the next event!

    1. Thanks Cindy! If I'm shy, come over and greet me ya #mengada

  3. nice write up babe :)

    Hi! I am illy :) Hope to be able to meet you in future events :)

    1. Hey Illy! I'm Sabrina :)

      Thanks! Hope to meet you in the spa party, that one sounds super fun!

  4. Omg love your write up! Can't wait for part 2 and 3 'cause part 1 is already so awesome!!! Btw I was in the morning session and why we never tapau one! haha

    1. Ala we didn't cross paths. Thanks dear :)

      Morning session must have been a bit unfortunate right tea time and desserts for breakfast. LOL. I actually tapau so semangat then accidentally left everything there. Sigh.

  5. Spot the silly me in your blogpost, OMG!! Btw, nice one Sabrina, waiting for the next two postings!! =D

    1. Don't worry I screen every pic to make sure no one looks bad in it. LOL my blog guarantee.

      Thanks girl! I hope I see you again at the next event :))

  6. Nice post! Thanks for posting the pic of me and my mom :D

    1. Thanks Farisha! Your mom kind of reminds me of mine, I had to! LOL

  7. wah this is just part 1 ?? fabulous write up :)

    1. Thanks again Swee San! I haven't written part 3 though, been busy :S

  8. Replies
    1. That's like the closest thing we had to a group photo, wasn't it? Haha should make sure we get a proper one next time!

  9. wow ~~~just saw your writeup about the event that day!

    U took a lot of photos, elaborate very well.
    I'm still on the way composing. Mind if I pinjam ur photo in write up and credit given to your blog.

    I was in same session with u that day XO

    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for the compliments! :D Of course you can

      Yeah I guess you're one of those that I didn't manage to talk to :/ How sad.

  10. Beautiful as always. I love the necklace and dress!! Where did you get it? I want to get for myself too.

    Typical, I love your writing so much!

    The pictures are so nice to look at too. Big and easy on eyes.

    1. Thanks Mirene! I actually got them from Australia some time back. It's from Bluejuice by SEDUCE if I'm not mistaken:

      I do try to make the pictures all big and nice to look at so you guys get a better visual :)

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