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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June CosmoBox by BoxCulture Unboxing Party at Cupcake Chic

Recently I had yet another fun day out with the girls - this time gathering to giggle, merrily mingle, and to be the first of many beauty lovers to find out what's in the June CosmoBox.
Pic credit
The pink and black event was held at Cupcake Chic, the first "cupcakery" in Malaysia. In line with their mission to be a part of life's big and small celebrations everyday, they now take bookings for parties in the store. It's definitely an option to consider for your next merrymaking with friends or family. If you need an idea of what they have to offer for your special occasions here, scroll on for pictures that say it all. Hopefully the pictures managed to catch the warm and fun ambiance of our party. I really think this would be a quaint place to host a bridal/baby shower.

By the way, they've recently added savories to balance the sweets, including bagels (which I am such a fan of and will rave about later!) and espresso so be sure to ask them for those too when you pop round for their cupcakes. Oh and fun fact: one of the founders of BoxCulture, Lee Yen, is the interior designer of this very shop! What can she not do?? It's a very cozy setting.
Panoramic view of Cupcake Chic The Curve
I'll update this post later with more details on their party packaging, offerings and rates so stay tuned :) I want to jump ahead to the spread because like all animals, my instincts are primarily driven by food. LOL!
This Livin' Large Cupcake is actually one of the offerings in Chic Cupcake's party package! So pretty!
Basically the only time ever that I'm fascinated by plain water, because it comes in such a pretty container. But fascination is where it ends since I don't drink plain water, so I was really happy to find...
Juice Works Mango Passion
Juice Works was the drink sponsor, yay! I've always been a fan, frequenting their Shah Alam outlet, and I've been debating whether or not to get the VIP card for awhile now - it's RM10 if I'm not mistaken. In fact, I've had the application form filled out and stashed in my wallet, haha. So I was really happy when they gave me a VIP card for free, along with a cash voucher redeemable against any juice of my fancy :D Plus, the card is super cute!

You can't see it from the picture I took, but we were given the Mango Passion flavor - which to be honest is my least favorite simply because I have no passion for mango. LOL! But I'm an anomaly, because this is actually a common pick. As usual, this smoothie is nicely thick (they don't skimp on ingredients), and it balances the sweetness of the mango and passion fruit with the sour tang of yogurt (aka milk on steroids). FYI,  mango and passion fruit are a great source of vitamin C, carotenoids, potassium and dietary fibre. Incentive enough?
Pink macarons and cupcakes. The cupcakes are so fitting for CosmoBox! And isn't that the perfect shade of pink? FYI, the designer of the pretty fondant silhouettes on those cupcakes is Bake By Joelle, a home-based bakery that uses the best quality of ingredients to bake. She bakes too in addition to decorating, except in this instance she only designed the fondant. You can find her on facebook or direct any orders or enquiries to joellekok_ch[at] 

Remember how I mentioned that one of the new menu offerings included bagels which I was crazy for? Feast your eyes - I'm so nitpicky with food and it's rare when I hype about any food offering out there, but this definitely was worth it:
Now apparently bagels in the form of chips per se are not in the menu - it was a special treat for the party. But I told Swee San to definitely consider making this a fixture. Pull some strings and make it happen! (Although by right I think she is the string we need to pull, haha.) I even took some home for my family to eat and they loved it too. The bagels were just the right amount of crunchy and salty, the cream cheese dip was fantastic - but I might be bias because I'm a cheese hantu. Love!
See these uber cute straws? So adorable some of the girls and I pinched them home. Along with the tissue pom-poms in the photobooth and the party treat bags, these barber pole straws were also from Think Party Thoughts.  
TPT was founded by two friends who share the love for art & craft, design and all things parties, and you can find handcrafted bespoke designs to carefully sourced party accessories. They can help you with your party themes, including fancy and pennant buntings, food and cake toppers sets, place cards and party posters. Seriously I think all the parties I mentioned in this post did such a pretty job, and it all came together so well. Find them on Facebook/thinkpartythoughts, instagram @thinkpartythoughts, or drop them an email at thinkpartythoughts[at] You can also find them on Sundays, 1st Floor Bangsar Village II. I got a voucher from TPT, still wondering what occasion to use it for :) 
We ate and listened to speeches (I have a really cute picture of the founders but I'm saving it for the next post) before the unboxing.

Another fun fact - Swee San, a fellow blogger, actually works for the Cupcake Chic! She's the brains behind product development for the company, so here she was explaining to us what's new. Side note, I cannot tahan how awesome her hair is! It looks even better in real life. The colour, the bounce... holy hair envy T_T
The box is so gorgeous and sturdy!
UNBOXED! Yes I'm a tease, so here's an enticing and entirely useless sneak at the contents this month! LOL I'll be doing a separate review on the June box later ;)
I won Best Dressed, yay! With the founders of BoxCulture. Pic credit
I had an extra special treat at the party too, because I won Best Dressed! We had to deck out in pink and black and I didn't want to disappoint! Dressing up is one of the best parts of going to parties anyhow (I look so drab when not attending these parties, I tell you. LOL) Plus up for grabs was a L'oreal Professionnel Hamper worth RM160, and it's the famous Mythic Oil range no less! I can't wait to do a separate review on this later on once I've had the full experience. Watch this space :)
L'Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair mask. Pic credit
You may have noticed me crediting some of the pictures to, the photography sponsor. The man behind the lens is Jason Koong, one of the many engineers going rogue into photography, LOL. I happen to know a number of photographers who studied/had careers in engineering before they decided their passion for photography eclipsed everything.
To see more of their work, you can find them on Facebook and view their website

It was really fun meeting up with the girls again, they're really more than just pretty faces. Everyone is just so sweet and fun to talk to. 
More pictures of the event:
L-R: Carolyn, yours truly, Angeline & Swee San. Carolyn and Angeline are such pseudotwins!
L-R: Kay, Sharon, yours truly, Samia - I love these girls!
I end this post with a snapshot of me looking very gender-confused. It's a good look on me though, perhaps I'll grow one? I can hear my boyfriend yelling not to ask for such things. Jangan mintaa Haha!

While waiting for my review, go ahead and find more info on CosmoBox by BoxCulture :)


  1. the props are so cute right?? I painstakingly cut them one by one for the party! btw your talent is amazeballs!! to sew the dress by yourself! well deserved best dressed :)

    my hair's so bouncy because it was 'iron' on Friday night. On normal days, it's crappy

  2. Congradutualation pretty ~ nice dress ~

    1. oppps ... is *Congratulation
      i just realized the typo error

  3. You look fantastic! And congrats on winning the Best Dressed prize~ :D
    Everything there looks so pretty and chic and cute <3

  4. omg babe you look so pweety!!!!! ;)

  5. congrats babe for winning the Loreal look gorgeous...I enjoy reading your blog so much!! keep up the good work!!!


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