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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast and Baby Pink

Okayyy this post was supposed to be for the Pink Blast and the Baby Pink. But as is predictable with my long and unfortunate history with lip balms, I lost the Baby Pink within a day. A record, even for me. What is it about lip balms just disappearing?

My lips have been so chapped because I neglected to get enough fluids while fasting. I was out shopping one day and it bothered me so much that I decided to grab some lip balm for quick relief. We're talking cracked, peeling, even tender to the touch. Ouch! I headed to the pharmacy and immediately zoned in on Maybelline's Baby Lips because it was so cheap and the packaging was darn cute!
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink and Pink Blast RM9.90
Of course there were many others in the Baby Lips range. Never thought I'd say this, but there were too many color choices! Too many, in fact, that I decided on the Pink Glow line just to leave it up to serendipity and absolve myself of the responsibility. Let the product decide the perfect shade for me, LOL.
What they say:
Instant 8 hour moisture - Shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long.
Pink beautified lips - Our exclusive color-blooming technology reacts with your unique lips chemistry to reveal your perfect pink glow
By chemistry, they mean your lip's pH. It applies clear and changes to a pink tint according to the pH it encounters. I guess it's supposed to be a dupe for Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm? The packaging of Dior Lip Glow is a lot more sleek and classy and as expensive-looking as its price tag.

With the choice narrowed down to two - Pink Blast and Baby Pink, I still couldn't decide on the shade. "Technically, the shade would be a surprise until you put it on your lips, so how does one choose??" I thought in anguish while fretfully picking on my lip - which of course made it bleed, so I decisively grabbed both of them and rushed to the counter.

The packaging, while nothing like the elegance of Dior's Lip Glow, is still so attractive in its own right. That contrast of silver paired with pink, the fun quirky font... It's enough to make us want to hoard all the shades just to line them up for display somewhere.
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast sexy packaging
Alright Baby Lips, we know you're sexy. But what can you do for us?
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast full length product 4g
Twisted to full length - decent amount of product at 4 grams
The lip balm is a pale peach colour. You can see even in its virgin state the Pink Blast was cracked, but I don't mind as it's not a lipstick.

As it turns out, my distress in trying to choose between the two was pointless. They swatched to be identical on my lips!
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink and Pink Blast swatched on arm
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink and Pink Blast swatched on my arm
The difference may be apparent in the arm swatch, but not at all on my lips. So if you're thinking of getting one, just choose the packaging colour you prefer as it doesn't matter.

My lips are naturally very pale, so predictably there was an obvious difference in the before and after:
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast lip swatch on pale lips
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Pink Blast on pale lips
You can see the corner of my lip where I tugged on the dry skin out of sheer habit and ended up pulling off the healthy bits. Immediately upon application, the pain in my lips was soothed. And in just one step, my zombie acopalypse look is fixed! Look how much healthier I look when my lips have a natural flush to it! It also kind of looks like my lips have gotten plumper, doesn't it? But I think that's mostly because I was smiling on the pale side, LOL! Fundamentally I have down-turned lips, and I only remembered to stretch my lips into an approximation of a smile in the first shot. Haha! But it does seem to smooth out the lines of my lips somewhat.
Pink Blast on my lips
What I like
 The best mixed berry scent ever - it smells like Sugus!
 The tint is convenient for pale lips like my own - I hate having to resort to lipstick, they dry my lips out.
 The stain lasts for a really long time on me, way after the moisture is gone.
 It seems to fill out my lip lines, and is perfect to put on before lipstick for a smoother appearance. I'd have a very unattractive flaky lip otherwise.
 Very cheap.
 Super cute packaging.
 Slight shine gives illusion of fuller lips.

What I don't like
 Not very moisturizing: 8 hours of hydration is such a stretch. On me the effect lasts an hour, tops. And that's being generous.
 No visible difference in tint between Pink Blast and Baby Pink when worn on lips.
 Because the moisture protection is too brief, and the color lasts and lasts, I'd end up reapplying often. Unfortunately the colour does build up, leaving me with scary bright (unnatural!) pink lips.
 Waxy texture isn't pleasant.

If you have really troubling chapped and flaking lips, you need something a lot more heavy duty than this. I think this does its job if used for maintenance, or protection, but not for repairing. My all-time favourite lip balm that works wonders is Carmex. It's an absolute miracle worker, and cheap as chips! If only it was widely available in Malaysia. But this is still a keeper for me, if only because it's a low-maintenance (and low-budget!) way to keep myself looking more alive :P

Price: RM9.90 (4g)
Do you own any Baby Lips? Love it, hate it? Any recommendations of your favourite shade that I should try?

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast and Baby Pink Reviewed by Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman on July 31 2013 Rating: 4


  1. wahhh. now your lips can be so moist and juicier looking after wearing the lip balm. tho you don't like wearing it, it helps with the dryness during fasting month. xx

    1. My lips are a lot better now right? Still dry, but at least not cracked and bleeding!

  2. have one but till now haven't open to use. too many lip balms! (i am crazy bout collecting lip balms.. lol)

    1. I know, a girl can never have too many. A few in the handbag, dressing table, car, bathroom counter... LOL. Let me know later if it's better or worse than the others you have?

  3. Woah.. so tempting n delicious. . ;-) I definitely buy one fo myself. :-D

    1. Get the Pink Blast! The pink of the packaging looks better :P

  4. The packaging is so cuteeeee! I own only one, in the shade of Pink Punch.
    I like it but I don't use it as much as I use my other lip balms.
    Great and very detailed review hun! *thumbs up*


    1. Pink Punch is one of the colour versions right? I'm thinking of trying those, maybe then I won't have a problem with bright pink lips upon reapplication.

      Thanks dear! :)

  5. I have one too! And have not started using it yet. Shall try it after my other balms finish, which is quite soon! :D

    1. What lip balms are you using now? I'm on the lookout for others since this one hasn't won me over.

  6. ohhh i like sugus flavour!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's actually tasteless, it just has that strong sugus-like berry smell. But the smell is so good!

  7. searching for a lip gloss dat has LONG-lasting color n moisture effect~if u find one, plz tell me kay?:P

    1. @Goh Ai Jene I am superrrr excited to tell you that I just found what you're looking for!! I seriously can't wait to do the review on this new HG gloss!

    2. WOW...izzit?? wher to get it n hw much is d price? hehe...cant wait for dat review~~woohoo

  8. You should try out Paul Frank Julius' Coconut Cream Lip Smacker. It's really mousturizing and smells great!

  9. Whoah! The color pink looks seductive! You did a great review about this sab! I'm actually using it for over a month and it never fails me. I ordered mine at (, last month and I got addicted to it :O

  10. thanks for review. I'm actually surprised they don't have too much color

  11. my wife love this lip balm, when she used it her lips has a little color on it a little bit pink, last a long time, she still have this until now since i purchased this.. she loves it...


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