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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Xpax Time to Reload and dinner at Milk and Butter Bangsar

I need to make a disclaimer here that I'm far from being fancy enough to even know expensive, high end watches. Show me 4 figures or more and you've lost me - I'll be off wandering to the section I can afford. Seriously, luxury watches can fetch a higher price than a Ferrari. But like I said, I'm not the person to discuss these watches with. You call out TAG, I'd uncertainly go "you're it?". You bring up Omega, and I can only chip in with my thoughts on wolf-pack mentality. Or the sorority. Or the fatty acid. Envision someone going "Omega is the best!" and my nerdy response along the lines of "Oh, but there was this huge prospective study linking omega 3 to high-grade prostate cancer, right?"

I'm sharing the news anyway, because approximately 100% of people love winning free, expensive stuff. LOL. But considering that I'm not a horological aficionado, please forgive this post for lacking details.

Milk and Butter in Bangsar

Last night I went to XPAX's buka puasa event. I was so excited, by the way, because I've never been there before and the reviews have been great!

Seeing the Milk and Butter sign was love at first sight - soo pretty!
I went all kanak-kanak Ribena over this! Yes it really was Ribena in there, but that's not why. I've recently discovered that I have a water dispenser fetish. Aren't they just so nice to look at??
Pile of food taken greedily courtesy of Milk and Butter
The food was great! I thought I was going to go for seconds and thirds, but no one else on my table did *blush*. So I exercised some restraint. The Caesar's salad was so goood! Om nom nom. Loved the chicken too even though it was a tad bit dry. When your last meal is 15 hours ago, you tend to be less critical about stuff like that ;) Yummy.

Milk and Butter
25G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-2201 9869
Operating hours: Monday-Friday 10am-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-11pm 

By the way, I shared a table with these girls and their other halves. Always a comfort to see familiar faces (although this is the first time I've met Sabrina!)

Wonder what's in the boxes we were holding?
Farisha Nadia flanked by the two Sabrinas - on her left is Sabrina Tajudin :)
Bell & Ross cake
When I saw the BR impression, I was all ooh, Baskin Robbins cake! Uh... hahaha not even close. Never mind horological aficianado, talk about horological airhead! T_T

Anyway, like it says on the tag, a Bell & Ross watch could be yours!

Xpax Time to Reload - Win a Watch

How can you get your hands on a RM10,000 to RM30,000 watch? What you'd be doing even without the contest, apparently!

Just reload RM10 at least twice daily, or reload RM30! That's all. I know, I'm wondering what the catch is too. That's exactly what I used to do when I was also an Xpax user. And they get rewarded for it #Grumblegrumble now I'm solely using a postpaid plan.

Most days it will be watches worth RM10,000, but certain days - and none of us can predict when - they'll up the game with a watch worth RM30,000.

So far, we've seen these brands won by those lucky Xpax users: Ball, Fortis, Maurice Lacroix, Oris, and Bell & Ross! You can ogle the designs here.

Alright now go and buy loads of reloads because today happens to be one of those extra special days - Bell & Ross watch worth RM30,000 could be yours!
Not an Xpax member yet? Join the Xpax invasion now to get up to 10 hours of free Facebook and up to 30 free hours of calls everyday all day, all night!

Liyana Fizi performing after our buka puasa
With our tummies full, we were serenaded by Liyana Fizi. She's very pretty.

Next was a game with two luxury watches up for grabs - we had to get as many groundnuts as we could into the glass using only a paperclip. Gosh, I seriously don't deal with stress tests well. Afzal was chuckling at my face when they were explaining the game, I looked like I was going to cry. I ended up with 30, and Sabrina's boyfriend topped that with 36. The two winners managed an unbelievable 74! I'm just happy it's over, haha.

Look at the adrenaline high in the after pic!
That's right, Afzal joined me after Isya'. Phew, to not be the fifth wheel with the others paired up!


Alicia - I adore this dress, so princessy!


  1. So fast hehe nice meeting you again babe :)

    1. @Farisha Nadia The mood struck me! Very rare kan? Hehe. We'll meet again soon!

  2. you're such a beautiful princess. couldn't stop staring at you top to toe. lovesssss, xoxoxoxo

    1. @Afzal Sherman My favourite commenter! Stare all you want, the picture lasts longer. Haha xoxo

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